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How come the small size costs more than the large size?

You'll notice this in the copper and brass jewelry.  This happens because the cost of the materials is outweighed by the labor cost involved in making the bracelets.  In the smaller size it takes more rights to make the length of the bracelet, and thus takes more labor.  Also the very small sizes (like micro byzantine), and more difficult to make, so warrant a slightly higher labor rate as well.  You may notice in the Sterling Silver bracelets this starts to shift the other way because the higher cost of the Sterling outweighs the labor cost in the heavier bracelets.

How do I clean my copper bracelet?

Cleaning copper is actually very easy.  There are several ways to do it, the least expensive and most thorough cleaning you can give your copper is to use a salt and vinegar solution.  You simply use a glass bowl or jar and place enough white vinegar in to cover the jewelry, then add some salt.  Place the jewelry in and swish it around, you should see the tarnish simply fade away.  If it doesn't work, then add more salt.  Don't leave the jewelry in for more than a few minutes as it will continue to eat into the jewelry if left for a length of time.  Rinse the jewelry and dry afterward.

Another option is to use a polishing cloth, like the sunshine polishing cloth.  This will give the bracelet more shine than the solution above, so can be used afterward for the shiniest look, or you can use the cloth alone to just clean the high points and leave the inner tarnish in tact for a burnished look, which is very nice.