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Art Thou Glorious is run by artist Chad Stephens, better known as Caris the Gypsy. All the jewelry you see throughout the site is designed and created by me, I don't have any employees and all the work is hand crafted. I specialize in Copper Bracelets because they have been so popular, but also create a great deal of Sterling Silver Jewelry and also work in some brass mainly for accents. All of my Jewelry is designed by me using over 40 different chainmail weaves. I enjoy creating new designs and many of my pieces are completely unique. There are many designs not pictured on the website, and I also do custom work, so if there is something you would like in a different metal combination, or something you are dreaming of but don't see, please feel free to send me an email.

I am also a medieval enthusiasts and often travel the country to various medieval events. I am an active member of the SCA and generally try to make it to Southern Crusades, Estrella War, Potrero War, and Great Western war at a minimum. Even if you don't see me selling at an event, I generally have my work with me and it is always available for sale.

I started making chainmail about 15 years ago after seeing an inspirational head dress at an SCA event. For many years chainmail was just a passionate hobby, I studied as many weaves as were available on the internet, which at the time totaled about 12. I learned all of these and created a wide selection of necklaces, belts, and headdresses and a few bracelets. Chainmail was a full time gig from 2004-2010 and the number of weaves grew and the number of designs expanded into the hundreds, specializing in copper bracelets and earrings, but also working in Brass and Sterling Silver.  As the US economy became more shaky I had difficulty supporting myself exclusively with jewelry.  So chainmail has evolved into an almost entirely online business, it is my artful expression and passion, and I am actively building inventory and designing new pieces.

Shortly after jewelry became a fulltime gig I started having issues with repetitive stress in my hands (carpal tunnel type symptoms) - and after numerous testimonials from customers I decided to start wearing one of our copper bracelets to help. I was surprised to find that it really helped with the irritation, and I now wear a copper bracelet constantly. Discovering the healing power of copper I have become a true believer, and we have expanded the copper line of jewelry extensively because of the personal success and the huge volume of testimonials we have received from customers.

In addition to running Art Thou Glorious, I also run a small drum store which is available online as well. 

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